Helpful Hints and Tips

Hindsight is a wonderful thing especially when your buying your first caravan, RV or even 4WD.  You learn so much the first time and wish you had done things differently. Or you hear about someone else's experience and and what they did and you thought what a great idea for next time.  In this section, we want to compile a list of helpful hints and tips that we have learned along our RV journey.  Wise advice that we have had from other caravaners and campers who we've met on our journeys.  Great things we've found on the internet that have proved, not only true, but extremely useful.  Some of what we will publish here may even save you a lot of heartache later down the track.

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Electrical Safety

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Buying and Selling Second Hand

Keeping Your Fridge Cool In Summer

Caravanning With Dogs

Caravan Security

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Locked Out and Roadside Assistance

Improve Your Fuel Ecconomy

Pre Trip Checklist

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