Kylie’s Lego Caravan

You probably saw in the news how someone had built a full size working caravan out of Lego? Well this must have inspired something in Kylie. One thing she never played with when she was a child, but recently we saw a Lego caravan and 4wd on one of the caravan Facebook groups and she thought she would give it a go.

So after 2 nights of coming to terms with the intricacies of assembling Lego with long fingernails and the patience only someone of our age can understand, here’s the result.



As you can imagine she is quite pleased with her efforts.

Since completing this project and sharing her experience online, many more caravan obsessed people have shared similar experiences with the same kit.  Good to know Kylie’s not the only one…!



Safe Travels everyone…!



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Got a weight problem…?


No I’m not talking about putting on a few extra kilos over the Christmas break. I’m talking about having a problem with getting all your caravan and camping accessories as well as the necessities of life on the road and remaining within your rig’s weight limits. Caravanners in particular are very likely to have experienced this issue especially when the TARE or empty of most caravans is likely understated on their compliance plate.

I gave this issue some thought especially after reading about a few unfortunate experiences on the Caravanning and Camping Facebook group recently and thought about our own weight reducing experience. We were very close to our ATM on the old River caravan and decided to replace some items with lighter ones. When I looked at this in detail, I was surprised by just how much weight we were able to reclaim.

Looking at it a bit deeper, I figured out that we could, in theory, reduce up to 150kgs off our load just by making a few simple changes to what we carry.

So here’s the story of our weight loss program

Hopefully others out there grappling with the same issue can find something to help resolve it.

As always, safe travels everyone.

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Happy New Year…!


Its almost impossible to believe we are now into a new year already.  It seems not so long ago we were celebrating 2015 as the new year, yet here we are in 2016.  Time certainly flies when you’re having fun.  Both Kylie and I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year.

If you are like us and you have taken some time off work during the Christmas and New Year period, you’ve probably driven off on a caravanning holiday.  This year, Kylie and I went to Seaspray, Victoria.  Situated 35KM south of Sale, Seaspray is located right on the 90 Mile Beach.  This would have to be one of the most spectacular beaches in the country with seemingly endless stretches of sand and surf.  Its an ideal location to simply wind down, relax and enjoy the summer sun.

We took the girls with us and they had a wonderful time.  As always, they were the centre of attention at the caravan park.

It was the first holiday where I’ve had an opportunity to fly my drone, a Parrot BeeBop which features a very cool full HD video camera.  Some of the footage is absolutely spectacular.  Having a drone provides a totally new perspective on capturing holiday memories that go way beyond simple photographs.  Using video editing tools like iMovie on the iPad, you can make some visually stunning memories of your travels.  Here’s a bit if a teaser of what is possible.


While we were away, the weather was extremely warm and it got me thinking about running caravan and RV fridges in these extreme conditions. Many people have issues with their fridges in hotter weather, right when they need the fridge the most.  There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination with a fridge full of spoilt food and warm beer.  So I’ve compiled some handy tips on keeping your fridge and its contents cool this summer.  Hopefully you find it useful.

As always, safe travels and see you on the road in the new year.

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