RV Pre Holiday Checklist

christmas-caravan-desertIt’s that time of the year again when all the cobwebs are dusted off the caravan or camper in preparation for that annual family Christmas holiday. Unfortunately, with everyone’s busy lifestyle, it’s quite likely that the van hasn’t been used since last Christmas and, for many people, the only pre-trip preparation they will do is to literally dust off the cobwebs.

If this sounds familiar, we would strongly recommend that you get your RV checked and serviced by a professional, especially for items like the brakes and wheel bearings, before you leave.

Here is our Pre Holiday Checklist with some useful tasks you can perform yourself that could avert a disaster and ensure you have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year…..!

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Long Term Test – X-Plorer G2500 Inverter Generator

imageI finally got a chance to set up and test the generator we got with the Safari Tamer.  Its not exactly a name brand unit like a Honda or Yamaha, but early indications are that, for a cheap generator, this is pretty good.

Owning a generator is a major investment for many caravaners wanting to do a lot of free camping but the decision to purchase either a name brand unit or a cheap eBay special is a difficult one.

Here we look at the ongoing performance of the X-Plorer G2500 inverter generator that was supplied with our van.  Its basically the same as any cheap inverter generator made in China that you can buy from eBay for approximately $600.

If first impressions are any indication, this should prove to be a useful accessory to our van.

You can follow this long term review by clicking here.

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